Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This site was made in order to assist with the needs of the Muslim populace throughout America and elsewhere across the globe. We have all rights reserved as the sole distributor of Al Daffah, Al Aseel, Al Haramain and Silk Route throughout the country. No other business may bring to the United States of America any of these products without consent from the distributor or retailer of that region.

We also claim exclusive rights of ownership over the sale of Kamani, and Lawung thobes in the Northern West Coast. As business affiliates with Lawung and Kamani brand Men's Designer Thobes, we are the largest retailer in the West Coast. Again, without prior consent from the distributor or retailer of that region may a business begin the sale and/or transaction of aformentioned brands.

Our shipping and our tax costs are based on the current calculations stipulated by the State of California on behalf of Maqbool Islamic Clothing, thereby coinciding with the regulations adhered to Maqbool Islamic Clothing by the state of California law and legislature.

All inquiries and credit card information processed either via the website or by telephone call are considered to be confidential, and no records of credit card information or sales will be made public or held in a database retrieval system for longer than 48 hours. Maqbool Islamic Clothing reserves full authority to retain valid information for fraudulent cards or misuse of credit card or payment information. However Maqbool Islamic Clothing will not be held liable for any theft, or misappropriation of funds used to purchase any goods via the online store. We have full authority to retain payment or credit card information for cases by which misappropriation has been used, and we have full authority to report any suspicious transactions or misappropriations to the authorities as we deem fit.

All remaining questions or inquiries may and should be addressed via http://maqboolclothing.com/index.php?route=information/contact.