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Maqbool Islamic Clothing  was established by two students of Islamic knowledge who after much consideration with regards to the preservation of the beloved Sunnah, or practice of the Prophet peace be upon him,  brought it to inception. The objective was to bring to light and awareness how modest, Islamic clothing can be worn daily and that it's not something worn in Muslim countries. The designs and fashions made available at Maqbool is quality, name-brand Islamic attire rarely found if ever, in the States.

Our definition of Islamic clothing is as clothing that distinguish a person from others and what the pious Muslim people wore, and to preserve an Islamic identity. People can wear whatever they choose, so long as it's modest and not imitating the styles of the people of transgression. We hope to make Islamic clothing more readily available for those who seek to adorn themselves with such attire.

We are proud to claim the title of the only distributor of Al Daffah, Al Aseel, Al Haramain and Silk Route clothing in all of America. The colors, sizes, fabrics and designs that we carry are only the finest, most exclusive Islamic attire for both Men and Women. We made Maqbool a source of revival for the Islamic dress and beloved practice of our Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be on Him. And affordability, something we also take great pride in. Our prices are within range of all budgets, we understand that everybody has the desire to wear Islamic clothing and to become beacons of guidance for others through implementation of the beloved practices of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him. So we would never constrict that to only the wealthy, and because of that our Islamic attire and accessories are affordable for even the most tight of budgets.

Our purpose for this establishment is to bring to light the modest, Islamic wear for Men, Women, and children of all designs and sizes. We carry famous products from every corner of the Islamic world in order to supply the community with proper, modest and affordable Islamic clothing. We are the ONLY retailers of Al Daffah, Al Aseel, Al Haramain, and Silk Route Islamic clothing in all of AMERICA. And we are the main retailer of Kamani and Lawung Men's Designer Clothing in all of the WEST COAST.

The vision we carry at Maqbool Islamic Clothing is one we've all felt at one point or another; We don't need to go overseas in order to wear Islamic Clothing nor to bring one pair of clothes back home. Why not make it easy for the community as a whole, and bring that Islamic clothing home for all to enjoy comfortably. We have hope in the mercy of Allah, all praises belong to Allah alone, that through this pure intention we can continue to serve and assist the Muslim community in all means.

Narrated Abu Sa'id al-Khudri: When the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) put on a new garment he mentioned it by name, turban or shirt, and would then say: O Allah, praise be to Thee! as Thou hast clothed me with it, I ask Thee for its good and the good of that for which it was made, and I seek refuge in Thee from its evil and the evil of that for which it was made. (Sunan Abu-Dawud)


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