Wudhu Socks

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Black with grey top cuff band

Outer shell: 97% abrasion resistant nylon, 2% elastane, 1% elastics
Interlining: Porelle high performance waterproof breathable membranes             
Inner sock: 80% coolmax yarns, 20% nylon


Sock Size Detail

- Completely waterproof highly breathable membrane interlining so no hot feeling in warm weathers whilst eliminate the clammy feeling when doing ablution in cold season 
- Close knitting and covering over the ankle length. Fit into a pair of normal shoes therefore outperforming the leather prayer socks (khuffayns). 
- Moisture transfer functional Coolmax liner therefore no blistering on feet even in a long day wearing.
- Mid weight Coolmax yarns which are more endurable lasting miles walking without wearing off ( but they are socks anyway not boots)
- This type of socks have been trialed and approved by many Muslim scholars, and the ruling and evidence as following copies.

Mufti Abdurrahman Ibn Yusuf Mangera from ZamZam Academy, and Mufti Yusuf ibn Yaqub from Madintatul Uloom have both approved the Dexhsell socks as valid socks for Masah, along with many other jurists.