Jordanian Farwa - Dark

Jordanian Farwa - Dark

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Made in Jordan.

This winter farwa bisht is similar to a full length Arabic coat. It is made of wool and internally padded with fur. Its relatively heavier weight (total weight is approximately 6 pounds) due to its internal fur and is perfect to keep you very warm in the coldest of winters. The farwa due to its nature is quite roomy from the inside and wide and can be easily worn even when you are wearing a jacket. You can therefore wear it regardless whether you are a large or small frame individual.

The bisht is full length and similar to a thobe extends to the feet. Many wear bisht where it extends couple of inches above the ankles - similar to a long overcoat.

Size Medium can be worn by individuals who are in the range of 5 feet 8 inches to 5' 11".