The best place to shop internationally can probably be almost anywhere you can find good clothes. But Islamic clothing has niche markets that really just blow you away. Let’s talk about Turkey first. We doesn’t love Turkey? They’re the ideal Muslim country with modern fashion yet traditional values. It’s family fun. The views, the beaches, the history is absolutely amazing. Some things that Turkey is actually best known for in clothing I believe is their awesome tunics, their baggy pants, and their amazing hijabs.

Turkish hijabs are the couture of couture clothing in the Islamic world. Everyone has at least one Turkish style hijab (ladies, come on) in their wardrobe. And men, although we may not have their tunics we can’t deny it would definitely be cool to have one. I’ve heard from so many friends that it would be a dream to be able to spend a month in Turkey, in that awesome environment with all the amazing features the country has to offer.

But then there’s England. A melting pot of races, class, appetite, and ideology. I’ve heard too many cool things about them, not excluding the sweet accent. However it sparks my interest whether fashion is something they’re hot about or not. I’ve seen enough fashion shows and fashionistas from UK to know that they have their fare share of designer products available. But what about the Islamic clothing they’ve got to offer? Cool hijab designs and thobes like Lawung are famous in the UK, but is it better than Turkey?

I’ve also experienced the negative trends with clothing where one item can blow up to be super popular one moment and then crash and be less popular shortly thereafter.


Let’s see what you think? I want to know what you know. Let’s talk about this.